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    Joel M Guest

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    Y2k strikes again<BR><BR>Were working with SQL Server 7.0 and are trying to input a 4 digit date...if it&#039s before **50 ..it will automatically change it to something like 2049, but if it&#039s after **49, it will change it to 1950<BR><BR>I know that there&#039s a setting in SQL server that&#039s called the 2 digit date cutoff...but it only applies to dates supplied in a 2 digit format...were passing dates like &#039 2/13/1945&#039<BR><BR>if anyone knows that answer to this it would be greatly appreciated...thanks<BR><BR>Joel

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    Scott S Guest

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    There was an article on www.sqlteam.com that covered dates in stored procedures & SQL Server in general. Go to that address look in Store Procedures and then read the one about dates. (i think there were only 3 or 4 articles under stored procedures so it shouldnt be difficult to find)<BR><BR>I dont know if that article will answer your questions but it may give you different insights to the solution.<BR><BR>Good Luck, HTH<BR><BR>Scott S

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