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    First of all, thanks to everyone who has helped with my global.asa questions so far.<BR><BR>Does anyone have a suggestion how to test the Session_OnEnd section without being able to write to the browser? I&#039m trying to update a db at the end of a session, and I just can&#039t get it to work. I&#039m checking to see if a session variable is not blank, and if it&#039s not blank, I want to make a change to by db. I have set the timeout to 1 minute, and I know that the session is ending after 1 minute, but the db isn&#039t updating.<BR><BR>Is there a problem if I refer to a session variable during Session_OnEnd? Anything else that a new programmer might have overlooked?<BR>

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    Did you make sure to open the database *AND* close the database in the Session_OnEnd? Can you send us the code you are trying to use?

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