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    silven Guest

    Default Iwant to install IIS

    I want to install IIS,for that first I have to load Win NT ...I have Win NT workstation software..And also I have "Partition magic" Software.<BR>Can any one tell me how to start with tihs 2 softwares?<BR><BR><BR>thanks<BR>Sil

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    Corin Guest

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    For IIS you don&#039t need Partition magis so what you do with that is your call. But For IIS load NT then go to Microsoft.com and get at least service pack 4 (it&#039s free). It has IIS 4.0 as part of it&#039s package

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    OB1 Guest

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    *Option* Pack 4.0 then go back to Microsoft and install *Service* Pack 6a

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    I couldn&#039t find what you said.There are so many options to download.I don&#039t undestand which one should I download.Please let me know What is the correct one?<BR><BR><BR><BR>Thx

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