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    Anupama Guest

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    I want a search page for my magzine.From the database i am fetching articles which have the search string given by the user.<BR>I want to diplay them in descending order of Rank.Rank is no of times the search string appears in a record.How to get this value of Rank???My database is just giving me the records in which the search string appears not the no of times it is appearing in each record

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    Fred Guest

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    Possible Solution:<BR><BR>In your query make it return DISTINCT records, where you retreive the records for the search, add a extra field RANK, that will hold the number of times a particular record occurs. <BR><BR>You will need a sub-query which will use the Count method, which will scroll through your resultset and insert the number of times a particular record is repeated into the RANK fields and now use the ORDER method to sort in ascending or descending order.<BR><BR>The actual implementation is quite involved but not that difficult.

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    Anupama Guest

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    the procedure has become too complicated but it works.Thanks a lot

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