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    New Site @<BR>

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    MG Guest

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    Your site does not work!!!

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    Homer Guest

    Default yea right

    And also you say this about your site ------- <BR><BR>So, what is WebDev Online? <BR> <BR>WebDev Online! is a RDBMS web-based application designed to let developers (of all kinds)<BR>store their own source codes as well as sharing them with other programmers.<BR>WebDev Online! lets you store your codes in dynamic place, access your <BR>source codes wherever you are whenever you want, <BR>from your Internet browser and it&#039s totally free. <BR><BR>---------------------------------------<BR>And then have a copyright as thus:<BR>------------------------<BR>All text related content, graphics, site design, coding, scripts, css <BR>are all the rightful property of Liran Peleg (aka Pharaoh)<BR>------------------------------------------<BR><BR>Which means that you own the code or have access to any code that other people want to store on your site ?<BR><BR>Yea Right...<BR>

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    Default what about open source?

    Homer, <BR><BR>what if all the code was considered open source?<BR>Would you be willing to make some of your code available to the public? it could then be shared and improved upon making it better for all of us. With an open souce license you would still control the rights to the software.<BR><BR><BR><BR>Im curious what peoples opinions are concerning this.<BR>

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    al dawg Guest

    Default Open Source

    take it from someone who&#039s been on both sides of this:<BR><BR>GIVE IT UP! Code is like the English language. It&#039s free to speak. Free to write. Free to hear.<BR><BR>Anything you&#039ve written, someone else wrote a week ago. If they haven&#039t posted it somewhere on the net yet, they will anyways. <BR><BR>OPEN SOURCE is the greatest thing to happen to developers. Sure, it doesn&#039t make you rich, but it does help out...and you can see just how a bunch of developers working for recognition only make things happen: LINUX.<BR><BR>

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    Shedao Shai Guest

    Default Open Source - Yes!

    I&#039m glad to see someone feels the same way. I love the open source movement. I&#039m actually working with a few people to create a site dedicated to releasing ASP/COM applications/code under a GNU license. I know a lot of people might not want to release their code, and that&#039s fine. If it uses ASP/COM I can build it or someone probably already has so we&#039ll offer it for free to other developers. It will be similiar to where developers can make their own code publically available. This isn&#039t the first time this has been done, but I think the ASP community needs something like this.<BR><BR>&#060;shameless plug&#062;<BR>By the way if anyone is interested in helping build a site dedicated to free ASP applications - feel free to contact me at<BR>&#060;/shameless plug&#062;<BR><BR><BR>Ian Stallings

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