I&#039m coding an ASP app in VisInterdev. One Page must allow the user to check the checkbox next to a mail message to have that message deleted. I can insert the HTML checkbox into the grid without a problem, but am having hassles when calling a Function for the "onClick" method of the Checkbox. This Function would insert the Primary Key of that Message into a public Array so as I know which message(s) to delete. There is a Checkbox for every message displayed, deleting only occurs once the user has clicked the "Delete Messages" button. This button then loops through the Array of Primary Keys, Deleting where they are equal.<BR><BR>Here is the code that I use to insert the check box into the grid. I have no errors with it. (I assign the Field expression to be this) <BR><BR>=&#060;INPUT id=checkbox"&MessNo&" name=checkbox"&MessNo&" type=checkbox onClick=DeleteMail(&"MessNo"&)&#062;<BR><BR>MessNo is the Primary Key for the table storing the messages. I get an error every time I click a checkbox. It highlights the "onClick" part of the checkbox expression. I can see though that the Primary Key is being inserted. I tried just calling the function and having it Response.Write the MessNo, but still no luck.<BR><BR>I&#039m wanting to know if what I&#039m trying is "legal", and if there are other ways to get this done. <BR><BR>e-mail: derrickleppan@webmail.co.za