Hi,<BR><BR>I am having problems with my Site Server Commerce Server. I transfer orders to our exchange server using a TLS Link, but recently it has gotten into a habit of suddenly stopping. The only way to get it working again that I have found is to re-boot the server!<BR><BR>Other symptoms being exhibited are:<BR> Surfing FROM the server is impossible<BR> TWO mtx.exe processes appear in Task Manager, one of which seems idle, the other generating numerous page faults and taking up a lot of memory.<BR> Continuously high processor usage (50/60% on a dual rocessor machine)<BR><BR>Stopping the IISADMIN and associated services, SQLSERVER, SQLSERVERAGENT and MSDTC and re-starting them does nothing, and even sometimes it is impossible to re-start IISADMIN due to RPC problems.<BR><BR>Can anybody shed any light as to what is going on, or can you tell me where I might find an answer.<BR>Thanks,<BR>David Forster. (david.forster@mfi.co.uk)