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    vaishali Guest

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    I want to disable the back option of the browser. or on session end i want to expire all the pages visited by the user. I want another user to see what previous user has done on the site<BR>

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    Dezza Guest

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    As far as I can tell you "can&#039t" disable the back button.<BR>What you can do is whenever you want to navigate to a new page, you create a new window with the new page in and close the old window. That way you only have your current page in the history. Failing that you could always "create" your own browser leaving out the navigation buttons and writing some Javascript to disable the right click, and then send it to everyone on the web(not very practical to say the least).<BR><BR>Expiring your pages too easy, you can look that one up.<BR><BR>That last "I want" sounds like a load of waffle I think you need to explain further.

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    hi<BR><BR>why dont u try getting the querystring of all pages the first user navigates into a text file and then use the write line method when retreiving this and displaying this info to the second user.

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