Session_OnEnd and E-mailing?

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Thread: Session_OnEnd and E-mailing?

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    Default Session_OnEnd and E-mailing?

    I would like to send an email containing comments colected from a user when the person leaves the site by whatever means (logoff, different site, closes window, etc..) I have tried to trigger a CDONTS mail oject with the Session_OnEnd in global.asa but can&#039t seem to get it to work, I never receive any mail or error messages. Any suggestions on how I could do this?

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    In the dozens of ASP apps I&#039ve developed, I have never gotten Session_OnEnd to work 100% of the time; it just doesn&#039t fire all the time in IIS4. I&#039ve heard the problem was corrected in IIS5 but haven&#039t any experience.<BR>You can be sure your code is working by executing it on a regular ASP page - if it works here but doesn&#039t in the Session_OnEnd, the onend is not executing.<BR>You&#039ll probably need to find a workaround of some kind.

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