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    Dear All,<BR>When i register a dll file (say abc.dll) and try to use it in ASP,<BR>using the Server.CreateObject.The following error emerges:<BR>ASP 0177<BR>Active X cannot create object.<BR><BR>I have try to see if it is registered by opening VB and it proves that it is registered but still cannot use it even<BR>I make another dll including that abc.dll.<BR><BR>Can any one give me a hand?<BR><BR>Thanks a lot in advance<BR>

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    I would start by taking ASP out of the equation. See if you can reference the DLL in another VB project using the same syntax from your ASP project. This will make it easier to debug. Also, instead of compiling it to abc.DLL, just run the project (which loads the compiled DLL into memory) and try accessing the abc.DLL from another VB project. This will allow you to walk through code in your DLL as parts of it execute. <BR><BR>And, one more guess... see if adding a sub main() to your DLL makes a difference...

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