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    &nbsp;<BR>I&#039m sorry that I tear off your working hours, but the situation, which we&#039ve got, requires the prompt decision. All people around the world know the situation, which has developed in Russia on Caucasus. We are simple people, who have suffered from battle actions, have lost everything, that had in the life: dwelling, things, native land. We still had only our life. Unfortunately, we&#039ve no means to support ourselves and to feed our children. <BR>We are very much confused with that we should ask. We&#039ve never made that. All of us some times back were quite safe and happy people. There are doctors and teachers, engineers and simple workers between us, and we&#039d like to create no less safe life for our children in the future. Children don&#039t have to suffer! We have forces and desire to create for them good life. But now we are extremely needed in support: in support moral and material. We are sincerely grateful to everyones, who already has responded on our asking. Partially at the expense of these means we&#039ve had an opportunity of short-term access in the Internet. But it&#039s necessary more of means to support the old men and children, who are together with us. We&#039ll be very glad and is boundless are grateful to each copeck, each cent, each penny - any your payment. <BR>Keep You God! <BR><BR>webmoney&#039s account: Z402325510422<BR><BR>If you could help us, please write us about that for our thank-notes letters on your e-mail. Our e-mail address: <BR><BR>PLEASE, HELP US! WE&#039LL PRAY FOR YOU! LET US LIVE!<BR>

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