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    Curtis Guest

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    okay.. now that I have this database all working. I want to receive and email that a new submittion has been made to the database from my page.. HOW can I do this without installing anything on the webserver upstairs, and how can I do this without making my network admin add anything to the webserver.. cause I really don&#039t want to have to make him do anything...<BR><BR>I DO NOT WANT TO USE CDONTS.. that will require an installation.. there has to be a way around this... to do it just through the broswer or something.. but since there has to be an email "client" program to "send" the mail somehow I see no other option than to install CDONTS.. and also the network admin is running Windows 2000 Professional.. and I don&#039t know if there is any bugs with the CDO components, when used with Win2k.. so please someone tell me how to do this without using code like this.. and if not then .. ****..<BR><BR>example code of mine:<BR><BR>Dim oEmail <BR>Set oEmail = Server.CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail")<BR><BR>oEmai l.From = "Support BOT"<BR>oEmail.Subject = "New Support Trouble/Problem"<BR><BR>oEmail.BodyFormat = 0<BR>oEmail.MailFormat = 0<BR><BR>MSG = "hello.. there has been another new submittion.."<BR>oEmail.To = ""<BR>oEmail.Body = MSG<BR>oEmail.Send<BR>set oEmail = nothing<BR><BR>---- that is the code i used, BUT I realized that I didn&#039t have a include file="" soo.... I thought hey why not ask at good ol&#039 and maybe someone will know how to do it without.. or maybe someone can tell me what I have to do and tell my network admin to do... to get this to work.. thanks..<BR>---- end<BR>

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    Curtis Guest

    Default SCREW IT!!!!

    I&#039m not installing exchange server.. etc.. screw it!<BR><BR>I&#039ll save the guy upstairs some work and just add a field to the database called &#039New&#039 and then when a problem gets submitted I will have it contain a &#039*&#039 so that the support guys here know that it is a new problem so they know to answer it.. wee.. much easier..

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