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    dewy Guest

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    The pages work fine but in Netscape it first goes to a page that says this:<BR><BR>Object Moved<BR><BR>This object may be found here. <BR><BR>when you click on here then it goes to the results page, can someone tell me what is causing this?!<BR><BR>Thank you!!!

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    hmmm Guest

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    Sure. The reason must be the way it is coded, or maybe a bug.<BR><BR><BR>(HINT: How about a little more detail -- What you are doing, maybe a code sample?)

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    Could you try and be a li&#039l more specific about the conditions under which you were doing this? Whether a redirection to another page, or files actually moved elsewhere (it could be caching &#039em too!). As a quick shot solution, try adding a Response.Clear statement in the file that&#039s causing the problem.

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    Dewy Guest

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    I figured it out, thanks for your help!!!

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