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    Elliot Guest

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    Wondering if anyone knew the following issue. If not, I&#039m glad to be the first.<BR><BR>THIS BUG ONLY OCCURS IN IE 4.0. <BR><BR>If your querystrings contains something like the following:<BR><BR>a href=foo.asp?id=1&_regid=2<BR><BR>(UNDERSCORE ADDED TO PREVENT MESSAGE BOARD FROM CONVERTING IT IN THIS POSTING)<BR><BR>In IE 4.0, the browser will interpret the part of the string after the ampersand(&) as a special HTML escape character. In HTML, the Registered Trademark symbol is ® .So your link will show up in the address bar as <BR><BR>a href=foo.asp?id=1&regid=2<BR><BR>and break your page. This bug has been fixed in IE 5. But for those of you who are worried about legacy browsers (sigh), then this should be something to bear in mind when defining your variables.<BR><BR>Dontcha just love browsers?<BR><BR>

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    correct html Guest

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    Try putting quotes around your values as specified in correct HTML.

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