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    Chad Franklin Guest

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    I have an access database and I need to create a select statement that does this....<BR>0.03 = 1<BR>0.9 = 1<BR>0.1 = 1<BR>1.1 = 2<BR>1.5 = 2<BR>1.9 = 2<BR>2.1 = 3<BR>The reason why I need to round like that is because it is the amount of people that would be need to do a job and since there is no such thing as a 0.3 person you would have to round up to 1<BR>

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    Try int(n).

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    Chad Franklin Guest

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    That will not work. If I use int(x) I get...<BR>1.1 = 1<BR>1.2 = 1<BR>2.1 = 2<BR>I need.....<BR>1.1 = 2<BR>1.2 = 2<BR>2.1 = 3

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    Chad Franklin Guest

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    I figured it out. To anybody that wants the code. Here...<BR>SELECT query_OUTPUT_Number_Time.INC_T1Dispatch_TIME/((TIER1_FTE_HRS_PER_MONTH)) AS [THE ORIGINAL], <BR><BR>IIf(InStr(query_OUTPUT_Number_Time.INC_T1D ispatch_TIME/((TIER1_FTE_HRS_PER_MONTH)),".")=0,<BR> query_OUTPUT_Number_Time.INC_T1Dispatch_TIME/((TIER1_FTE_HRS_PER_MONTH)),<BR> IIf(query_OUTPUT_Number_Time.INC_T1Dispatch_TIME/((TIER1_FTE_HRS_PER_MONTH))&#062;=0.1,<BR> Left(query_OUTPUT_Number_Time.INC_T1Dispatch_TIME/((TIER1_FTE_HRS_PER_MONTH)),InStr (query_OUTPUT_Number_Time.INC_T1Dispatch_TIME/((TIER1_FTE_HRS_PER_MONTH)),".")-1)+1,1)<BR>) AS [WHOLE FTE] <BR>FROM query_OUTPUT_Number_Time INNER JOIN SCENARIOS ON query_OUTPUT_Number_Time.SCENARIO_NAME = SCENARIOS.SCENARIO_NAME;<BR>

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