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    Tarek Guest

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    Is there is any restrictions for the code that u should write under the Session_OnEnd sub. <BR><BR>I&#039m willing to write something to a text file, but nothing is being written, does that mean that Session_OnEnd is not being fired please let me know or feel free to email at <BR><BR>Thanks for your help...

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    Kylee Guest

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    From my personal experience, I found Session_OnEnd useless - just because the session doesn&#039t necessarily timeout when the user leaves, as the session may live x minutes longer.<BR><BR>What are you trying to fire and when?

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    sathiya Guest

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    Session_OnEnd should Theoritically work when the session ends, Session can be closing the screen moving from ur site to someothers site and Session time out. But the Server will only know that when time expires and it also have some problem and U can get more details abut Session End in the MSDN site.<BR>

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    Tarek Guest

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    what I&#039m trying to do is to write the time when session ends on a text file. <BR><BR>I checked the text file and I can see only the time when session starts but not when session ends, I don&#039t why.<BR><BR>Let me know..

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