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    k.. I have the page all up and working.. BUT in order to get working off my companies web server.. I have to get the guy upstairs(network admin) to add the (SQL Server) to his "proxy" computer.. and we don&#039t have a liscenced copy of MS Office.. and I&#039m just wondering if there is a way to get the SQL Server drivers from the net somewhere or if that is wise... I am real pissed off at the network admin because he is just one of those by the book guys that piss me off.. we have a copy right here! and he won&#039t install it.. Oh .. no I can&#039t.. why? just can&#039t.. FINE.. WE&#039LL SPEND $300 bucks and wait a week just so your conscience isn&#039t wounded.. anyways.. if anyone knows a way that i can get this working on the server without getting my boss to buy a copy of MS OFFICE please tell me.. and the network admin has Windows 2000 professional running upstairs... and he just has a 90 day trial version of Office 2000.. so that sucks.. please help.. thanks.

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    You don&#039t need a copy of Office, you need a licensed copy of SQL Server and the appropriate client license(s) (several thousand dollars worth) - if you&#039ve already got an appropriately licensed server then you&#039ve got no problems, just install the latest MDAC on the Web server - the drivers should be in there.<BR><BR>If you don&#039t get the proper licenses for SQL Server and you get caught expect MASSIVE fines. And I do mean massive... <BR><BR>Dunc

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    Curtis Guest

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    laff.. and thanks.. but we have it working..<BR><BR>man who is going to find out if we did?<BR>too funny...<BR><BR>I&#039m sure MS goes to every site on the net and checks if SQL code is being used, then thinks HEY.. they are using SQL.. I wonder if they have a license, and then after all that seeking and luckily finding SQL code.. they come all the way to my city, and come to my company and come inside without anyone seeing.. and then they walk over to the computer where the webserver is.. and sit down and browse through the drivers in the ODBC, and then they say to themselves HEY.. this isn&#039t licensed... man you are funny... just like our network admin upstairs.. and he is also like you and is scared of that, so he has a license for everything and anything.. he&#039s the MS man.. they send him everything.. he has option packs and service packs up his *** and then has so much stuff that I never took out of his "cd holders".. but man.. just understand he is a safe guy and wouldn&#039t let that happen.. I think they cloned bill gates to tell you the truth..

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    oh.. and like I said.. he uses Windows 2000 Professional LICENSED WHICH COMES WITH THE DRIVERS(I&#039m pretty sure).. so they are automatically licensed anyways. I&#039m sure we don&#039t have to buy drivers when they are already on the system and work perfectly fine. thanks for your concern I appreciate it.

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