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Thread: How to call & update specific record using the "au

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    Kevin Guest

    Default How to call & update specific record using the "au

    I am fairly new to ASP, and I&#039m trying to go from a "show db contents" page, with a link to "add new listing", using only the system date. But, I want it to return the autonumber, the system date, and allow me to add about 6 more columns. I&#039m using (for this example) PWS and W98. I have the posting-viewing of the DB down, but I&#039m having a problem with this. If anyone could help, I would be most appreciative.<BR>

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    Kevin Guest

    Default Can anyone help me please?

    I would really like to know what I could do to make this work,<BR>thanks

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    You mean you want to add a record that has only two of several fields filled in? That is, that date/time field and the autonumber field? And then later go fill in other fields in the record?<BR><BR>Might I comment that this may not be the best thing to do? Suppose the user changes his/her mind after step one and never gets around to filling in the other fields? Now you have an "orphan" and invalid record in your DB.<BR><BR>Wouldn&#039t it be better to get *all* the info and only *then* add the entire record, with all fields filled in?<BR><BR>Or did I miss something in your question?<BR><BR>

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