Is there a 'Reset'function in JavaScript?

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Thread: Is there a 'Reset'function in JavaScript?

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    Hi there,<BR><BR>Does anyone know of a function/method that will reset a form? I would like to have some client-side validation that checks if a form is valid and, if not, resets the fields to their original values? I&#039d really appreciate any help/ sugestions etc..<BR><BR>Thank you, <BR><BR>David Brower

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    That would be the reset() method of the form object, funnily enough... Mimics the effect of clicking a reset button. If the form is already populated then it won&#039t reset to the original values, it clears the form (just like a reset button) - you&#039ll need to write a function that iterates over the form stashing values in an array, and then iterates to reset them.<BR><BR>Dunc

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    Thanks Duncan that&#039s just what I was looking for!<BR><BR>David<BR><BR>

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