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    DaveMW Guest

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    I have a program that creates a CSV file for me. The problem that I have is that it literally creates 30+ values seperated by commas for each record. I only need maybe 8 of them. It is a pain to have to import this file to access every week b/c I have to click on which fields that I don&#039t want. Is there a way that I can just use ASP to select certain values? Unfortuately, the program won&#039t allow me to specify what fields I do want and don&#039t want. Thanks for any help.

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    MG Guest

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    Actually, there is a option in the import function to save the layout. If you save the layout then you will only need to click on the fields you do not want one time. When in the import wizard, click on advanced, it will give you many more options including the save option. <BR><BR>Then next month, start importing as usual but when the first screen pops up of the wizard, click on advanced then specs and choose the spec that you created last month.

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