How do I display records from a recordset in more

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Thread: How do I display records from a recordset in more

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    Romulus Guest

    Default How do I display records from a recordset in more

    I am using MSDAORA.1 to connect to Oracle but because this provider does not support the AbsolutePosition property I cannot show the records of a recordset on more than one page,if the number of records is very large to display on a single page.

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    Curtis Guest

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    the coding isn&#039t hard to do that.. just the logic is a little..<BR>here&#039s what i would do:<BR><BR>-use sql statement to fill recordset with records to be displayed(matched records from a search?)<BR>-use a while not oRS.EOF, display record by record(each time through the loop), and also inside this loop have a counter to keep track of how many records have been displayed.. then once the counter reaches a specified number of your choice, lets say 10, you can then take the "current recordset position" by using Exit While, and then somehow start a new page, and display 10 more.. the trick is to start a new page.. I&#039m not sure how you want to go about doing it, but I think I would just display 10, and then once 10 have been displayed I would put a "more" hyperlink that recalls the loop(function) to display 10 more..<BR>definitely use a function to do the loop.. it would be much easier, cause then you can call it.. <BR><BR>I actually might have to do this exact same thing.. so check back for the code.. I&#039ll post it under a Thread named "Page by Page Code." and your welcome.. just be patient.. it will be here within this week.

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