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    Can i set up a ASP script to run at a given time each day?<BR><BR>I want to use it to sendt me a report of how many visitors i´ve had all day on me web page.<BR>I can make the script for this but i have no idea how i can make it "fire" unless someone is running my page!<BR><BR>Hope someone can help me with this, if it is possible...?<BR><BR>Regards,<BR>Eivind Bø

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    I am assuming this is VBScript.<BR> I am also assuming that you have your user counts in a text file on the server.<BR> If either of these is not true, stop reading now.<BR> Still here, OK<BR> I would suggest you send the report as an email.<BR> Write your script to get your data from whereever it is stored, construct your email and send it. <BR> When you write an .asp script you surround your code with &#060;%.......%&#062; right.<BR> Take them(&#060;% and %&#062;) all out.<BR> Save your file with an .vbs extension<BR> Set up an AT job entry to run your script at the times you need. The command line shoud be:<BR> cscript Drive:/Path/scriptname.vbs<BR><BR> I hope I have not totally misunderstood the question. I have been known to do that.<BR><BR>

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