I&#039m trying to "update" a webpage using the following code:<BR><BR>FSO.DeleteFile Server.Mappath("page.htm") &#039 Org. file<BR>FSO.CopyFile Server.Mappath("tmp_page.htm"), Server.Mappath("page.htm")<BR>FSO.DeleteFile Server.Mappath("tmp_page.htm")<BR><BR>1. I delete the original webpage.<BR>2. Then I copy the temporary "updated" copy of the webpage to the original filename <BR>3. Then I delete the temporary file.<BR><BR>Step 2 returns the following error:<BR><BR>Microsoft VBScript runtime error &#039 800a0046&#039 <BR><BR>Permission denied <BR><BR>But only if thereĀ“s a client viewing the page. <BR>How can I update the page ??