Which one is the best??

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Thread: Which one is the best??

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    chetan sankhla Guest

    Default Which one is the best??

    Hey guys,<BR>I&#039d like to know what is the real difference b/w the ADO objects :- adodb.command and adodb.connection with respect to effeciency when it comes to executing SQL server stored procedures.

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    Igal Vorobeychik Guest

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    As you can see names of ADO objects command (wich means execute) and connection (wich means connect)give you some hints. I could talk a lot about difference b/w this objects and how to interact them, but first I sugest you to read "ASP IN A NUTSHELL" book O&#039REILLY press.I think you&#039ll find all info and differences and very short and useful discriptions of ADO objects.<BR>One that I could say that if you need to run stored procedures aspecially if you need to pass parameters and receive parameter use command object for this.If you&#039ll need some examles mail me:igalv@informe-aps.com

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