I&#039m working on a page using the Mailing Form Results ASP and Javascript as posted here on your site. It&#039s GREAT! VERY handy! Hooooowever - I&#039ve noticed a problem that wasn&#039t even covered in the tutorial, and I can&#039t seem to figure out a way around it.<BR><BR>In both the tutorial and in my own use of the scripts, the various email form content is not in the same order as it&#039s entered on the web page form - things are shuffled around. I can&#039t figure out what the order is based on - it&#039s not like it&#039s alpha by field name, nor is it sorted by text fields, then check boxes, etc....(just as an example). And yet each time I use the form and enter different test data, the out-of-order content in the resulting email is always in the same order.<BR><BR>The tutorial here on the site asks for name, age, sex, and then whether or not someone likes cheese. The resulting email msg displayed has name, cheese preference (should be at the end), age and sex.<BR><BR>I&#039d really like to find a way to control the order of the content - any suggestions??<BR><BR>Thanks - Jeph<BR><BR>jeph@jephers.com