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    John Shearer Guest

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    hi all, i&#039ve got a problems while trying to add, minus, times and divid 2 variables. they are both retreive from Oracle database and come up in the asp as a &#039decimal subtype&#039. However, i always got a &#039type mismatch&#039 error. <BR>eg. value = price * quantity which variable &#039price&#039 and &#039quantity&#039 are drawn from database and i put it in a new variable called &#039value&#039 in asp. what&#039s wrong? please help me as i could not solve it during the weekend. Thanks & thanks.

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    rho Guest

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    try to convert the variables price and quantity of datatypes either long or decimal and then carry out the multiplication<BR><BR>hope this helps

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    John Shearer Guest

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    Thanks but it still doesn&#039t work by converting the variables. is that any tricks when declaring the variables? or that&#039s error on the variable "value"?<BR>many thanks

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