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    I am creating a 10 question multi-choice help desk questionnaire.<BR><BR>I have created and connected correctly to an SQL database, the problem that I am having is that:-<BR><BR>I can not send the radio button value to the database. When I just use this SQL query:-<BR><BR>strQuery = "INSERT INTO tQuestions (Q1_Customer_Service_Level) VALUES (&#039" & nbsp &"&#039)"<BR><BR>The value gets inserted into the first field of the table within the database.<BR><BR>But when I try this one:-<BR><BR>strQuery = "INSERT INTO tQuestions (Q1_Customer_Service_Level,Q2_WAS_PROBLEM_RESOLVED ) VALUES (&#039" & nbsp & "&#039,&#039" & nbsp &"&#039)"<BR><BR>no values are sent to the table in the database.<BR><BR>

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    If you are trying to insert from a form post:<BR>strQuery = "INSERT INTO tQuestions (Q1_Customer_Service_Level,Q2_WAS_PROBLEM_RESOLVED ) VALUES (&#039" & request.form("Q1_Customer_Service_Level") & "&#039,&#039" & request.form("Q2_WAS_PROBLEM_RESOLVED").Value & "&#039)"<BR><BR>or<BR><BR>If you are trying to insert blank (whitespace) value<BR>strQuery = "INSERT INTO tQuestions (Q1_Customer_Service_Level,Q2_WAS_PROBLEM_RESOLVED ) VALUES (&#039 &#039,&#039 &#039)"<BR><BR>Hope this helps...Cheers!

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