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    Tom Svensson Guest

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    Hi!<BR><BR>When I write a Active X-component in VB, compile it as a DLL it register itself in the system and I can try the component out by using my local PWS. Everything is OK so far, but when I make some changes in the code (in VB) and try to compile it, it says permission denied. I&#039ve tried turning off the PWS, unregister the DLL with "regsvr32 /u c:proj.dll" and the dialog says it was unregistered. How am I supposed to do, please? I&#039m pretty tired of restarting my computer to make it work. ;) <BR><BR>Thanks in advance, <BR>Tom S.

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    Not exactly sure how it works in PWS, but the problem lies with the DLL still sitting in memory. In IIS, you have to shut down the web server (and can use the below code), but I don&#039t know how to do it exactly in PWS, sorry!<BR><BR>@echo off<BR>net stop iisadmin /y<BR>net start iisadmin<BR>net start w3svc<BR>net start "FTP Publishing Service"<BR>

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    Rafeeq Guest

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    Yup! The object is still in the memory. You are not allowed to make any changes unless the object is cleared off from the memory. If your OS is Win 9.X then you gotta stop PWS and wait for a while b4 you restart it. Hopefully this should work. If your OS is Win NT then you gotta stop the IIS sevices from the control panel. And if you are using MTS then you gotta shut down the Package containing the Dll. Also make sure that you close the file in which you are referring the Dll.

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