Guide To Computer And Information Technology Careers<BR><BR>Are your looking for a career in the lucrative Computer/Information Technology Industry?<BR><BR>Are you already in the computer industry (programming, computer technician, consultant), and are you looking to advance or change your area of specialization?<BR><BR>Order my "Guide To Computer And Information Technology Careers" and;<BR><BR>You will learn how to find the right computer career for you, or advance in your present position..<BR><BR>You will learn what education, skills, and experience is required for careers in the Information Technology Field.<BR><BR>You will learn what others have done to become incredibly successful programmers, network engineers, systems analysts, consultants, and entrepreneurs in the extremely lucrative Information Technology Industry, earning hundreds of thousands, and, in some cases, millions of dollars.<BR><BR>You will learn about the two basic categories of careers and what they require, and the tremendous opportunities they offer.<BR><BR>This guide has extremely valuable information about careers in the Information Technology field that you will not find anywhere else. This book is not the usual generic list of "computer careers". I provide information, gained from 15 years of working with Information Technology Professionals, about what it takes to succeed in this lucrative profession. <BR><BR>I have been a PC consultant for over 15 years and I have also been a technical recruiter for three years. I have written a guide that explains specifically what employers are looking for when they recruit and hire computer professionals. I have worked with computer professionals to provide computer systems to small, medium, and Fortune 500 clients. I have also worked with hundreds of business clients of all sizes and I know what kinds of people and resources are required to design and support a successful computer system. <BR><BR>The "Guide" provides valuable information about the following careers;<BR><BR><BR>Computer Programmer <BR>Computer Hardware Technician <BR>Network Engineer <BR>Systems Engineer <BR>Systems Analyst <BR>Technical Support Engineer <BR>Sales Engineer <BR>Product Manager <BR>Business Analyst <BR>Consultant/Entrepreneur <BR>There are two basic categories in which Information Technology professionals can build a career - <BR><BR>One category is the CORPORATE AND BUSINESS INDUSTRIES including banking, publishing, advertising, manufacturing, etc.. - I/T professionals work in these industries as programmers, technical support engineers, network engineers, and managers of all the above functions. <BR><BR>The other category for computer careers is the INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY INDUSTRY itself - this includes companies that create, sell, and support computer products and services such as IBM and Microsoft. The careers in this category are very similiar to those in the corporate and business category. <BR><BR>The focus of I/T professionals in the CORPORATE AND BUSINESS MARKETS is on developing and supporting the in-house computer and telecommunication systems of the company they work for. <BR><BR>The focus of I/T professionals in the INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY MARKET is on developing and supporting computer and telecommunication products and services for other clients. <BR><BR>Each of these categories requires different skills and provides different opportunities. <BR><BR>The guide that I have written provides valuable information on the education, experience and skills required to enter and be successful in these careers. This information is taken from my many years working with successful programmers, network engineers, and computer consultants, as well as my many years of working with clients to help them develop and support successful business information systems. <BR><BR>TO ORDER this extremely valuable Guide To Computer And Information Technology Careers", send your check or money order for $15. payable to Joe Fuller, and mail it to; <BR><BR>J. Fuller <BR><BR>98 Liberty Street <BR><BR>Deer Park, NY 11729 <BR><BR>Money back if not satisfied. <BR><BR>Name ____________________________________________ <BR><BR>Street ___________________________________________ <BR><BR>City ___________________________________________ <BR><BR>State ___________________________ <BR><BR>ZIP __________ <BR><BR>Free Resume Advice with each order. <BR><BR>Send me your resume with your order for the "GUIDE" and I will make any suggestions I can to help you get more interviews. I know what you should say in the first two paragraphs of your resume to drastically increase your chances of getting an interview with MIS and other hiring decision makers. <BR><BR>My E-Mail address is - <BR><BR>Send me an e-mail with any questions you may have. <BR><BR>