Capacity error due to SQl server

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Thread: Capacity error due to SQl server

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    hi,<BR><BR> I get an error message like this<BR><BR>1. could not create transaction due to unspecified capacity issue<BR> <BR> let me give the pseudo script in my ASP page<BR><BR>co.begin trans<BR><BR>updating table 1(Using co.execute...........<BR><BR>updating table 2(Using co.execute...........<BR>......<BR>.......<BR><BR> updating table 6(Using co.execute........<BR><BR>if no error(if error.number&#060;&#062;0 then<BR><BR>co.committrans<BR><BR>else<BR><BR>co.r ollbacktrans<BR><BR>end if<BR> i hope u could understand this.<BR>But what really happens is all the tables are updated give the error message above(capacity error).<BR> <BR> is this problem with my DB or with my ASP Page i dun no<BR><BR>pls go into it<BR><BR>regards<BR>Raju<BR> <BR>

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    One approach to identifying problems like this involve using the SQL Query analyzer:<BR><BR>- First put a debug step in the script and print the SQL Statement out on the page.<BR>[ i.e. Response.Write(sql) ]<BR><BR>- Next fire up your SQL Query Analyzer (isqlw.exe) and run the query to determine if the SQL statement is acceptable to the database.<BR><BR>Let me know what the output is if you still need help on this problem

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