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    Karl Guest

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    I want to retrieve x rows from a database (let&#039s say less than 10)....<BR><BR>from 1 of those rows, I want to retrieve 1 extra column (a large one at that) and I before I do anything I know which row that&#039s giong to be.<BR><BR>Should I :<BR>a) Retrieve all the rows in 1 recordset, thus retrieving that large extra column for all rows when I only need it for one of them?<BR>b) populate 2 recordsets, 1 with all the rows which don&#039t need the field (and hence don&#039t have it) and the other with the single row with the extra field<BR><BR>thoughts?<BR><BR>Incase this is important, I&#039m wondering for both an Access and an msSQL database..<BR><BR>Karl

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    Mike Sleeper Guest

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    (From an MSSQL perspective... since I don&#039t do access)<BR><BR>If you don&#039t know in advance which row you need the extra column for and you are pulling the data across a network, you may speed up your retrieval by:<BR>a) Retrieve the Top X results of your sql query (use the TOP syntax)<BR>b) determine which row you need the extra column for<BR>c) open another connection and only retrieve the extra column for that specific row<BR><BR>If the ASP server and the database reside on the same machine, I&#039d pull the extra column for all rows and only process the one that I need.<BR><BR>- just my $.02

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