Hi, I am trying to get my ASP script to write to a file. I am using the following command to select the file.<BR> Set f = fs.OpenTextFile("" & request("physical") & ""config.asp",8)<BR><BR>As you can see I am trying to use a form item to map out the path of the file. Everytime I go to test it I just get the following error<BR><BR>Error Type:<BR>Microsoft VBScript compilation (0x800A0409)<BR>Unterminated string constant<BR>/mypoll/setup.asp, line 31, column 68<BR>Set f = fs.OpenTextFile("" & request("physical") & ""config.asp",8)<BR>-------------------------------------------------------------------^<BR><BR>I am stuck. I can get it to right fine when I just put a plain physical location, other then that, nothing.<BR><BR>Please help<BR>Thanks