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    Hello all,<BR><BR>Got a bit of a problem with formatting dates. Basically I&#039ve got a form which a user enters a date in, which is in a non-US format (DD/MM/YY). When I store the date in the Access database, it comes up with an error due to the database requiring the date to be in US format. Can someone feed me a function which will convert to UK/Australia format? Or is there a function already available? Secondly, can you advise your government to change your date format to one the rest of the world is using, then I won&#039t get problems like this! :) Cheers!<BR><BR>Al

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    Al,<BR>You need to change your database. In design Veiw Choose your date field then select &#039Format&#039 type in this dd/mm/yy and save.<BR>This will maintain the state of your date. <BR><BR>cheers

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