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    oshnic Guest

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    I need to create a mailing list program. What would be the best language to write this in ?? Also, keep in mind that the mailing list info will need to be written to a database of some sort.<BR><BR>I was thinking about using asp to do this in. I would love someone to advise me on this.

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    you may want to be more specific about what this mailing list program is going to do... i.e. what will be the user interface, what will be the functionality.

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    oshnic Guest

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    There will be an online form that the user will complete, upon submission the data from the form(name,address,phone number, and email address) will be written to a file (database). Twice a month a script will run that will read this file and send out a newsletter to each person in the file via email. The newsletter is nothing more than a html file. From this file the user will have the option to unsubscribe(be removed from the mailing list)

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