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    mona Guest

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    Hi!<BR><BR>I am trying to learn asp and I have a personal web server running under Win98. Porblem is that when I try to view the asp page in Explorer nothing happends (in /wwwroot). <BR><BR>Anybody know what I am doing wrong?<BR>

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    wazzzzzuuup Guest

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    for viewing ASP pages make sure that they r "served"<BR>Viewing the page like e.g. c:wwwrootmypage.asp doesn&#039t make sense in ASP, view them as (local server) (of course change mypage.asp into the name of your asp page)

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    Mona Guest

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    I think you are assuming that is included somewhere in the host file, right? But my Host file&#039s content is: <BR>Is this the right thing? please tell me what to write in this file.<BR>thanks

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    Azeem Guest

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    We donot have anything do with the HOST file yet. You are just trying to view a webpage. When you open your PWS you should see the root directory which is c:..wwwroot and also you should see something like http://localhost. If you have not changed this to anything then you should be able to view your page using http://localhosts/pagename.asp. If this does not work then let us know what exactly does the asp page do.<BR><BR>Thank you

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    wazzzuup Guest

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    again...<BR> should do the trick just as explained in the page before (... localhost/....) it&#039s the same..<BR>just trying to view your asp pages in your browser with in the address bar : <BR>if that doesn&#039t work, I can&#039t help you or you asked the wrong question..<BR>good luck

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    MONA Guest

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    the http://localhost/mypage.asp doesn&#039t work. I mean I can&#039t view my page through this. what happens when I try to open my page through Explorer is that Visual Intdev opens up with my page&#039s source code. Actually I still can view the page through Visual IntDev. I thought that&#039s the way it suppose to be until I tried to do some database stuff on my page. no matter what I try to do with database part of my page I can&#039t see change to it. And as the matter of fact it doesn&#039t work at all. So I thought may be it&#039s becasue it can&#039t be viewed through an actual browser. Any way I am so confused. <BR>By the way I haven&#039t subscribed to a server yet because I thought the PWS can do the introductory part of my project. Is it right or do I need to get a server first?<BR>thanks for your help<BR>Mona

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