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    mona Guest

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    I am trying to view my web page (which I did by ASP and in Visual InterDEv) on my E browser but some how I am not successful. I also have the personal web server set on my computer. Can any body tell me what is wrong? do i need subscribe to a server to be able to view my page on the browser. I was told that the Microsoft personal Web Server is pretty much enough. Please, could some one help me?<BR>thank you

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    pari Guest

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    its not clear what problem u r facing<BR>u need to install the PWS.. store ur files in the inetpub/wwwroot folder and view as http://localhost/filename.asp<BR> in the browser... hope it helps... else report the error

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    hi<BR><BR>watch out whether ur PWS is in start mode or stop mode.<BR><BR>good luck<BR><BR>sudheer

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    wazzzuuup Guest

    Default RE: my web page or<BR><BR>http://localhost/thepageyouwanttoview.asp<BR><BR>for the last time...i fthat didn&#039t help, Im tooo dumb or you asked the wrong question

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