I&#039ve got a university dissertation deadline looming and would really appreciate any help/advice you can give on the following project I need to prototype.<BR><BR>First I need to add a registration page that enters the user&#039s info in an Access database - I don&#039t think this is hard but would appreciate some advice.<BR><BR>The main part is to offer the user the option of doing a questionnaire (after registering).<BR>There are a number of questions - each question relates to a specific &#039competancy&#039.<BR>After the user answers the questions (using a range of 0-10)and submits, they must then get scored showing the user&#039s score for each competancy and a brief description of it.<BR><BR>This is the part that I&#039m stuck with.<BR><BR>I thought of creating 4 databases in Access.<BR><BR>Users Table - to store the registration info.<BR><BR>Questions Table - to store the questions and show what competancy each question relates to.<BR><BR>Competancy Table - with a description of competancy&#039s<BR><BR>Results Table - that will score the questions for each user, log the scores and display each score to the user.<BR><BR>I know I need to somehow link these tables using ASP and SQL but really don&#039t know where to start.<BR><BR>I&#039d really appreciate any advice.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Jon.<BR>