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    Sukhwinder Guest

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    We are developing a web site for example www.xyz.com and we will purchase some server space from a server space provider. He will provide us single username and password to do ftp. We will then<BR>provide our clients their subdirectories e.g. www.xyz.com/client1/. They want that they should be allowed to update, delete etc. their files in their subdirectories themselves. We cannot give our password to every and let him do ftp and server will not allow files to be written on the server <BR>without the password we have. Our server is using Windows Nt 4.0 and asp. Please tell me what is the solution to this problem. Is there anything that can be done using asp or file uploading component so that we don&#039t have to provide password to every client or store it in a database. <BR>I know aps file using file uploading component will also need password to write files to hard disk.<BR>Please help.

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    peterjl@austec.net.au Guest

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    I think you are little missinformed. The fileupload component will let you do anything you like with files on your server space. <BR>You need to find out what compoment is available on your server and look at the documentation. Also checkout http://www.safileup.com/softartisans/saf.html

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    Sukhwinder Guest

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    Thanks. Now I know that component will let any client write files on to the server hard disk if we have write permission. Now I want to know how can I change a directory in vbscript so that after checking the users password etc. I change the directory to clients own sub directory. I cannot use absolute paths because it is not our own server and I have to use realtive paths. I am relatively new into web development and I don&#039t have any practical experience. Suddenly a big challenge was thrown at me. After reading the above also please suggest me some way how I should maintain the security.

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