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    Lucas Jans Guest

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    Is a way to enable object-pooling for custom Visual Basic COM+ components through MTS?<BR><BR>I am dissapointed in the component&#039s performance after my initial stress-tests. Any other ideas for making a VB Component scale are welcome. <BR><BR>Thanks, Lucas<BR>webmaster@mjans.com

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    No, according to Microsoft, Visual Basic 6.0 does not support object pooling because it is apartment threaded. I think VB 7 will support it though, but I am not positive.

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    Rafeeq Guest

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    Well, VB6 does have this inherent limitation. U can limit urself using only Apartment model. Hopefully, in the next version of VB things would change. But till then, you gotta burn! As of the performance issues are concerned, major part depends on the way you have configured MTS. Components registered under MTS run in separate memory process from IIS and this would be as though an out-of-process to IIS which will impact performance. Also check the package activation type. Server Package type will run in separate memory space while as Library package will run in the same process. Well, there are certain compromises to be made if u set the type as Library Package- you can no longer monitor your components&#039 behaviour! Too tough a choice!!

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