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    I&#039m working on a site that sells business cards; whereby, the user enters the text for the card along with font style, font size, font color, etc. - a preview of the card is then generated prior to confirming the order. I would like to change the format to merge a background GIF of the card with the formatted text to create a new GIF file. This will circumvent the problem of browser displays and the available fonts of the users. Does anyone know how I may construct such an animal in ASP?

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    Well, you could do one of the two (afaik off the top of my head)<BR><BR>1: Make a 1-celled table (you can do more, but it gets unreliable) featuring your .gif as a background image. You can type all over that.<BR><BR>2: As above, but use DHTML positioning (see for good DHTML info) to create the .gif as a layer and then put the text on a layer carefully placed above it. This is a lot of headache and may not work with older browsers, but works very well with DOM-compliant browsers. (Too bad that&#039s Mozilla and MSIE 5 for the Mac...)<BR><BR>HiH!

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    There is one more way that I know of. Hit and make sure you get your server running PHP. Then run over to and check out the PHP tutorials. One is called something like "Dynamically Generated Images". PHP lets you create images by combining existing images together and text and whatnot... sorta confusing, but the result is completely cross-platform and pretty cool :)

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