&nbsp;<BR> Hai!<BR> <BR> While using JScript for server side scripting I am getting some problems regarding string comparisions.<BR><BR> I have two recordsets rsOne and rsTwo and while doing the following I am getting problems. The code is like this<BR><BR> if (rsOne("SN")==rsTwo("SN"))<BR> {<BR> // do something<BR> }<BR> else<BR> {<BR> // do some other thing<BR> }<BR><BR>It is always doin the else part.<BR> where the field "SN" is of type varchar(25) and is there in both the tables tab1 and tab2 on which the recordsets rsOne and rsTwo are related respectively.<BR> <BR> I aslo tried str.equal(str2) but this time syntax error is coming.<BR><BR> So, how to compare two strings .Please help me<BR><BR> Thanks in advance... <BR>