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    ive set up pws on my w98se machine and have had no problems with any of the other examples in the book, but i cannot get the dsn-less connection listing 15.1 to work. i keep getting this error:<BR><BR>Microsoft VBScript runtime error &#039 800a01ad&#039 <BR><BR>ActiveX component can&#039t create object <BR><BR>/displa~1.asp, line 8<BR><BR>i have no clue what to do and im pretty stumped, can someone help please.<BR><BR>thanks<BR>colin<BR> <BR><BR>

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    Are you sure you have ActiveX Data Objects in your Machine.<BR>This error happens due to the following three conditions<BR><BR>1. the specified DLL missing in the system<BR>2. Not in the System Directory<BR>3. Security Permissions<BR><BR>In your case, 3rd option can be tottaly eliminated as you are working on Windows 98. The second option doesnot stand a chance as ADo installation always installs the dll in the system directory.<BR>Hence the only solution i can give is , either you donot have ADO in your machine or, its an old version or it might have got corrupted.<BR><BR>Solution:<BR>Reinstall MDAC (Microsoft Data Access Components)<BR>

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    One *REALLY* suspicious thing is the name of the ASP file being displayed. Looks like you are getting an 8.3 character name limitation in there somewhere.<BR><BR>However...<BR><BR>Let me go grab my copy of the SAMs book and look in chapter 15 and...<BR><BR>Oh, darn. I can&#039t find chapter 15.<BR><BR>Heck, I can&#039t even find my copy of the book.<BR><BR>(I wonder if that&#039s because I haven&#039t bought it?)<BR><BR>Okay, okay...I&#039ll stop being a smartass. But I&#039ll give the standard answer to a question like yours:<BR><BR>SHOW THE CODE. You can&#039t presume that we all either have the book or are clairvoyant. So show the *least* 10 lines before and after the line with the error and clearly indicate which line has the error.<BR><BR>Okay?<BR><BR>The error message is probably telling you the truth (most MS error messages don&#039t lie a lot), but without seeing *what* it is complaining about...<BR><BR>

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