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    Hi<BR><BR> I have string which contains " , I do I replace it<BR>ie.<BR>temp = ""test""<BR>replace(temp,""","""")<BR>but this does not work?<BR>I want result to be just test not "test"<BR>N E help would b appreciated<BR>Thanx in advance<BR>

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    hi Asif<BR><BR>I am not sure what your problem really is, but guess you want to take out the " symbol from the starting and ending position of your text variable, would it be your doubt?<BR><BR>you first compare the variable value to """*""", to know if it starts and ends in ".<BR>if so, extract the inner text from it.<BR><BR>&#039temp equals to "test" value (with leading and trailing ")<BR>if temp like """*""" then temp = mid(temp, 2, len(temp) - 2)<BR><BR><BR>or if you want to remove ALL the " symbols, use the replace function:<BR><BR>&#039temp equals to "this is "my" test"<BR>temp = replace(temp, """", "")<BR><BR><BR>ps: all these examples are coded in VBScript<BR><BR>Bruno (<BR>

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