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    Dave Baldwin Guest

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    Can you refresh to another frame? Here is my problem i have two frames, One frame on top and one on the bottom. I am having the user click on the top frame and the changes the parameters/queryString. But at the same time i would like to refresh the bottom frame with the updated query string. How do you do this.

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    Why don&#039t you set the parameters to a session("value") and then call it from the other frame and set it to a variable. I have not tried this, but it sounds like it could solve your problem.<BR><BR><BR>Good Luck

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    just done this myself - the only thing to do is to reload the other frame I think<BR><BR>eg. in top frame do<BR>top.frame[1].location.href = &#039myPage.htm&#039 + myQueryString;

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    Joey Bag-o-Doughnuts Guest

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    Why don&#039t you build a hyper link on the fly pointing to your frameset page, passing the parameters you want. On the frame set page parse out the Querystring and pass it to both the top and the bottom. like this..<BR><BR>FrameSetPage1.asp?P1_param="Paramete r1"&P1_param2="Parameter2"&P2_Param1="Parameter1"& P2_param2="Parameter2"<BR><BR>where P1 = Page1<BR>and P2 = Page2

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