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    Default dynamic <SELECT> content with asp URGENT

    Hello I have :<BR><BR>two combos list1 and combo2<BR><BR>one connection to SQLServer and two recordset rs1 and rs2 between &#060;% %&#062; marks... (server script)<BR><BR>note: rs2 is a new sql string based on list1.value<BR><BR>in one client script like list1_onchange I try to add content to a second combo like :<BR><BR>set oOption= document.createlelement("OPTION")<BR>oOption.text= rs2.fields("rstext")<BR>oOption.value=rs2.fields(" rsvalue")<BR>combo2.add oOption<BR><BR>but it generates an error saying I need a rs2 object...<BR><BR>how can I add content to combo2 ????

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    check if you have your code in the right order.<BR><BR>Recordset 1 must be finished befor Recordset 2 is created.<BR><BR>You could hide the second combox untill the fist combox is chosen.<BR><BR>Dude

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