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    I&#039m keeping track of my magazine collection and want to click on a particular year (i.e. I click on "1991" and all 12 issues from<BR>1991 pop up and so on). I have those sorted by "IssueDate" in a Date/Time field in an Access DB.<BR><BR>The code I have now seems to do this, but it also prints out the rest of my DB as well (click the link below and you&#039ll see).<BR><BR>What I really want to accomplish here is to only display 12 issues at a time (by clicking on a particular year as opposed to "All"). This is terribly frustrating...I&#039m not that fluent in .asp, and have had help with what I&#039ve done so far...just to let any future helpers know.<BR><BR>I can send my source code if you need it, and if you need to view the site in question, it&#039s located at:<BR><BR><BR><BR>Thanks in advance,<BR>Matt

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    You&#039re keeping magazines from 1991? Are these that important? j/k<BR><BR>Anyways, I&#039m assuming(!) that you&#039re not actually writing SQL statements, but using the query wizard to return your records.<BR><BR>It&#039s been awhile since I&#039ve played with Access, but here goes best from memory: You may have to imporovise a bit.<BR><BR>In your query pane, you can edit your query that returns all your records. When you are in the design view of your query, go ahead and specify the year in the &#039criteria&#039 area. (Note: use the help manual a bunch for this section). Basically, you can tell which year you want.<BR><BR>If you want to start getting more advanced, post your code, and I&#039ll show you how to do it the more accepted, and more powerful way: Using the SQL syntax.

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