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    gert Guest

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    As soon as I protect an Access database with a password I get stuck. In Access I open the database exlusively to set the password. Then in ASP I add the Password=chjwk; in the dsnpath-string. The ASP files give errors that the file is not accessible is used by an another process. What do I do wrong???<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Joel M Guest

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    maybe it&#039s cuz the syntax is the syntax I&#039ve used over and over (assuming you use a DSN):<BR>-------------------------<BR><BR>Conn.Open("dsn=TheDSN;uid=theUsername;pwd= MyPassword")<BR><BR>-------------------------<BR><BR>hope it helps<BR>Joel

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    Curtis Guest

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    you can&#039t have the database "table" open IN ACCESS while trying to access it from the net/web.<BR><BR>

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