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    Vipul Shah Guest

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    Can anyone tell me how to implement<BR>an internal site search using ASP but WITHOUT<BR>using Index Server.I would just like to know the<BR>basic steps involve in this.

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    WITHOUT using Index Server?!!!! Dare I ask why?<BR><BR>I presume you mean a full-text index. This is very difficult. You will need to write a service that continuously scans your site and compiles indexes - so you will also need to write filters for each of the file types in use. Then you will need to write a COM interface for querying those catalogs. In fact, you will need to write something very like Index Server...<BR><BR>Or you could buy a 3rd party search engine, but why bother when there&#039s a very good one built in?<BR><BR>Dunc

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    Vipul Shah Guest

    Default Duncan For you from Vipul

    Hi Duncan,<BR>The only and the very important reason of not<BR>using Index Server is that it comes as a separate<BR>service and you are charged separately for it&#039s services<BR>on the server.So if the client doesn&#039t want that you<BR>don&#039t have any option other than to do it without it.<BR>Anyway Thanks for the reply.Was a very good one.<BR>Can u tell me you are from which place and where do<BR>u work?Just to have good contacts with a technical genius.Good Bye. <BR>

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