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    Martin Guest

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    I have a database which outputs reports like so:<BR><BR>Algarve 09/09/00<BR>Algarve 09/08/00<BR>Algarve 09/05/00<BR>Algarve 09/07/00<BR><BR>Is there a way in which I can get them to come out in descending order. I thought I could do this by looking at the year then the month then the date but how can i do this if the columns are not date fields??? Is it possible??<BR><BR>Any help is much appreciated.

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    Joel M Guest

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    This can be easily accomlished by adding the "DESC" keyword to the end of your SQL statment...like so:<BR>---------------------------<BR><BR>sql = "SELECT * FROM thetable WHERE year = &#039"& yearvar &"&#039 ORDER BY year DESC"<BR><BR>--------------------------<BR>and that should do the trick<BR><BR>Joel

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