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    I have an jpeg file. I am going to send it to my client. My client can print this image out to his prninter. Is there anyway that I can only allow him to print once ?<BR><BR>Is there any software that can tranform my image file to an exeutable file or any dll and that this exe or dll can serve the purpose ? <BR><BR>Or is there any ASP solution that can help on this ?<BR><BR>Appreciate for your help.

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    No. <BR><BR>Dunc

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    Well... you could certainly come close to that by encapsulating your image into an EXE that contains the printing functions. This EXE could use a combination of registry keys and self-modifying code to make it reasonably difficult for anyone to abuse it... but Duncan is correct in his short answer - No - there will ALWAYS be a way around the limitation.

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